Aerial Vantage's Accelerate Drone Data Management Platform

We accelerate the time-to-value of aerial imagery with one of the most comprehensive and affordable Decision Support Platforms: Accelerate. Accelerate efficiently processes, analyzes, stores, and presents geospatial data using AI and machine learning for drone data-driven decisions.

Drone Data for Your Industry

Aerial Vantage serves a broad range of customers in different industries, bringing immediate and ROI-driven value. Our team strives to build long-lasting, impactful relationships with our customers, using our drone data management platform, Accelerate, to solve your most challenging operational problems.  

field of crops precision agriculture


Helping agriculture operations use less to grow more, embracing sustainability for a greener future.

natural resources forest development

Natural Resources

Enabling safer, more streamlined operational intelligence for forestry & mining, with an eye towards sustainability.

energy solutions powerlines, windmills, solar panels


From site assessments to 3D mapping and thermal imaging, helping energy firms cut costs while optimizing operations for improved safety.

Software Powered by Industry-Leading Computer Vision Services

Our data scientists specialize in training, validating, deploying, and scaling deep learning algorithms for streaming video, weather, and radar data that aid human operators.

What is the point of collecting this information if you don’t plan to use it! Our analysts will collaborate with you to identify areas ripe for AI techniques like computer vision, classification, anomaly detection, and more.

Drone Flights as a Service

Need someone to man your next drone mission? We offer drone operations as a service to qualified customers and specialize in airborne sensing and aerial imagery across large areas.

Cutting-Edge Drone Data Analytics

We offer a comprehensive software platform for processing and storing data for drone operations using robust artificial intelligence solutions.

Aerial Vantage empowers industries with the tools and capabilities to make sense of and extract value quickly and consistently from drone data & aerial imagery. This empowerment comes through Accelerate, a SaaS geospatial intelligence platform, and supporting services for data acquisition and advanced analytics.

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