Meet Aerial Vantage

Our History

Aerial Vantage was founded with a simple goal in mind – to combine our leaders’ decades of manned and unmanned aviation experience with our advanced expertise in AI, ML, and computer vision to help customers tackle challenges head-on. Since our inception, our team has been helping clients plan and execute drone missions and gain insights from data to better inform business decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to automate and improve the business value from drone missions across a range of industries, enabling customers to better utilize aerial data to meet their goals.

Our Values


Aerial Vantage is committed to hard work, honesty, and dedication to ensuring valuable results for our customers.


Aerial Vantage is dependable, and available to our customers when and how they need us.


Aerial Vantage is committed to having our finger on the pulse of the latest industry and technology trends and partnering with AI & CV leaders to ensure constant evolution.


Aerial Vantage is committed to the safety of your project from both an employee and a customer perspective.


Aerial Vantage is committed to conducting top-notch drone missions that utilize the latest technology to yield cutting-edge results.

“As a leader in automated solutions for aviation, Aerial Vantage empowers the industry with the tools and capabilities necessary to succeed and thrive in this new, seamless, data-driven environment.”

– Tom Davis, Chief Executive Officer

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