Cutting-Edge Drone Data Analytics

Making sense of drone-acquired data just got a lot easier.

Experts In Helping You Derive Insights From Data

Accelerate comes with an ever-growing list of drone data analytics capabilities to turn imagery into information to help answer complex questions. We recognize, however, that analytics are not one-size-fits all and our customers may have use cases that require additional work and support.

Therefore, Aerial Vantage is proud to offer Advanced Analytics as a Service. As part of this service, Aerial Vantage leverages deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop advanced algorithms designed to answer questions specific to the customer’s needs.

After the advanced algorithm is complete, we drop it into Accelerate for customers to repeatedly turn imagery into actionable information. So, engage with us, tell us your specific use case, and we will take case of the rest!

An Intelligent Partnership in Computer Vision

Aerial Vantage is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest drone data analytics trends and innovations for our customers. Our expertise in using artificial intelligence and machine learning allows us to turn captured data into value for your organization, such as implementing a computer vision algorithm that consistently provides insights. This is achieved in 3 steps:

Through a strategic partnership with Mosaic Data Science, a recognized industry leader in custom machine learning & artificial intelligence services, we consistently bring our customers cutting-edge drone data analytics insights from drone missions. This partnership offers organizations an unparalleled competitive advantage with access to experienced, qualified data scientists that specialize in computer vision.

drone artificial intelligence
By working with us, you’ll be able to focus on the strategic & operational decisions critical to your stakeholders. We will handle the technical details of tuning this technology, with collaboration from your subject matter experts, to deliver massive ROI on your UAS investment.

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