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Why Accelerate?

Secure Data Storage

Accelerate empowers users with the ability to retrieve value from their data not just once but over time. Its secure, curated storage system can be used in the cloud or on-premise, which is essential to extracting the value within.

drone geospatial intelligence data extraction

Simplified Data Extraction

Accelerate performs the heavy lifting of receiving and processing drone-acquired data from various sensors, moving it through multiple steps to ensure proper analysis explicitly designed to meet your needs.

Web-based Interface

Accelerate is accessible via a secure, easy-to-use web application, allowing access from anywhere at anytime to make the most use of your drone-acquired data.

Flexible Reporting

Different stakeholders require different presentations of the analyses from drone-acquired data. Accelerate packages your drone data to allow your presentation tool of choice to be deployed.

Customized Alerting

Send real-time drone geospatial intelligence alerts that influence operational decisions and recommend the best course of action.

Improved Bottom Line

Save time and resources. Accelerate will fine-tune your drone data to showcase valuable insights, crossing one more task off your to-do list.

Want to learn more? Read our introduction solution sheet.

drone data management software solution sheet

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