Aerial Vantage Named In Gartner Research Publication as a Leader in Spectral Imaging Solutions 

The drone technology company was recently named in a Gartner research article as a pioneer in spectral imaging for Earth intelligence solutions.

Washington, D.C. – Aerial Vantage (aerialvantage.us) is excited to have been recognized as a technology leader in a research note by Gartner, exemplifying the company’s leadership in the Earth intelligence space. The Gartner publication, titled Emerging Tech: Top Use Cases for Earth Intelligence in Land Management by Nick Ingelbrecht, Bill Ray, and Aakanksha Bansal dives into the top use cases for Earth intelligence, such as asset counting, environmental monitoring, and weather forecasting.  

The research analyzes how product leaders can harness the latest Earth intelligence techniques by integrating with D&A platforms for accelerated time-to-insight for business efficiency and reduced risks. In the article, Aerial Vantage is listed as a top vendor under the description of emerging technologies and solutions underpinning the evolution of Earth intelligence for land management. The quote reads: 

“Innovative spectral imaging solutions creating new and varied insights into land use, land use changes and the physical properties of materials, such as mineral composition, vegetation health and soil moisture content (e.g., Aerical Vantage, LiveEO, Pixxel, IceEye, Kuva Space, OroraTech).” 

The Gartner research publication solidifies Aerial Vantage’s position as a trailblazer in imaging solutions. The aerial imagery, software, and analytics company is on a mission to create a more sustainable, efficient future for industries powered by cutting-edge AI technology and enabling customers to better utilize aerial data to meet their goals.  



Our team is excited to be recognized for our dedication to cutting-edge drone analytics solutions. This latest mention by Gartner proves that Aerial Vantage is in a strong position to deliver custom, powerful insights through drone imaging powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.”
Michael Dalley
CEO, Aerial VAntage
About Aerial Vantage

Aerial Vantage, an aerial imagery, software, and analytics company headquartered in Virginia, has a multi-faceted vision to lead the industry toward safe, efficient, and economically viable VLOS and BVLOS operations. Business capabilities include Accelerate, a drone operations and data management SaaS platform, advanced data analytics, and drone operations as a service. 

About Gartner

Gartner, Inc. is a leading technological research and consulting firm that conducts cutting-edge research on technology and shares the latest trends and findings through both private consulting as well as executive programs and conferences. Its clients include large corporations, government agencies, technology companies, and investment firms.

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