Aerial Vantage Launches Accelerate, a Powerful Geospatial Intelligence Platform

Extract Insights from Image & Video Data with a Robust Platform

Aerial Vantage announces the release of its flagship product, Accelerate. This advanced geospatial intelligence platform enhances stakeholders’ ability to make use of aerial imagery by collecting, processing, managing, and transforming data from airborne sensors (e.g., aircraft, drones, satellite). 

Accelerate focuses on the processing, storage, and transformation of aerial imagery from drones. Users in the Accelerate platform can define areas of interest, create projects, and upload imagery. Users can then transform the imagery into powerful Orthomosaics, Digital Surface Maps, and Point Clouds to support robust analysis and information extraction. The data in Accelerate is stored securely via Amazon AWS cloud computing services and is compatible with other cloud vendors based on customer needs. Accelerate is designed for all stakeholders and needs, from individuals affordably archiving and visualizing their data and running their businesses to enterprises collecting imagery at scale. 

The first release of Accelerate is a steppingstone to addressing the growing data management challenges in the drone industry. Future releases will focus on adding and blending input data (e.g., satellite data, weather data) and embedding complex analytics algorithms to interpret and turn the data into valuable information with a wide range of applications.

“We are extremely pleased to have come this far in such a short time in the development of the Accelerate Platform. The challenge of data management and transformation in the drone space will continue to grow as drones proliferate. This first release of Accelerate is foundational for solving present and future challenges. Watch this space closely!” 
Jarrod Lichty
VP of Product

Ready to transform your aerial data usage? Accelerate is now live! Be among the first to accelerate data to valuable information and get ahead of the competition.

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