Aerial Vantage Announces Zachary Smith as a Member of Board of Directors

Washington, DC: Aerial Vantage is pleased to announce the addition of Zachary Smith to the Board of Directors. The board consists of hand-selected, high-powered individuals with expertise and experience that assists Aerial Vantage in fulfilling its mission. The goal is to automate and improve the extraction of business value from drone missions, empowering organizations to better utilize aerial data to make faster, more accurate business decisions.

Zachary Smith is pleased to become a member of the board at Aerial Vantage. He joined Crescent Capital Group (CCG) in 2018 as a Managing Director on the Investors Relations team. He is responsible for developing and managing strategic relationships with institutional investors, specifically financial institutions for Crescent. Prior to joining Crescent, Zachary was a Managing Director at Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM) within their Insurance Asset Management Practice. Mr. Smith spent 18 years at WFAM in a variety of roles including business development, relationship management, and portfolio management. Mr. Smith is a graduate of the Eccles School of Business (University of Utah).

zachary smith

According to Chris Brinton, Chairman of the Board of Aerial Vantage, “We are really pleased to appoint Zach to our Board.  Zach has been interested in our business from the start and he brings a wealth of experience in institutional investment and a keen interest in our technologies that will provide us with critical advice as we scale our business.”

Zachary Smith said, “I am excited to join the Aerial Vantage team. My goal is to help them get the funding they need so they can continue to be on the forefront of the VLOS and BVLOS market!”

About Aerial Vantage: Aerial Vantage, a software and analytics company headquartered in Washington, D.C., has a multi-faceted vision to lead the industry towards safe, efficient, and economically viable VLOS and BVLOS operations. Business capabilities include Accelerate: a Drone Operations and Geospatial Intelligence SaaS Platform, supported by Advanced Data Analytics, and Drone Operations as a Service.

For more information: Mark Thomas, Vice President Strategy & Marketing, mthomas@aerialvantage.us or 703.340.6025

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