Aerial Vantage Wins Contract With a Forestry and Land Management Company

Aerial Vantage continues to deliver on its mission to automate and improve business value by collecting and transforming aerial imagery into actionable information, such as with drone technology in forestry. Aerial Vantage is very pleased to announce a recent contract with a forestry and land management company. We will collect aerial imagery for timber plots and provide insights on tree height, canopy health, and overall tree maturity. This information will be used to make decisions about timber quality and logging operations.

By wielding the power of drone technology in forestry, the team will be able to gather a large amount of data even when flown at a relatively low altitude. In fact, the lower altitude combined with ultra-high-resolution camera imagery will provide greater detail than other methods, and at a lower cost. Drones are regarded as an affordable, quicker, and more accurate method of capturing data. This partnership will enable Aerial Vantage to monitor tree populations, landscapes and access hard to reach areas. Without the use of drone technology in forestry, these inspections would be timely and costly for organizations. Together with forest preservation, drones could be used for sustainable commercial logging, allowing management to conduct tree counts and estimate harvests without having to visit inconvenient areas on foot.

The Aerial Vantage team looks forward to this partnership and showcasing the opportunity presented by drone technology in forestry. Together, we will continue to help organizations reap the benefits of drones in a sustainable way.

drone technology in forestry

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