Aerial Vantage Signs Agreement with Ohio Department of Transportation

Washington, DC: Aerial Vantage is pleased to announce an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Ohio UAS Center. The agreement will allow collaborative drone flights primarily for the purpose of training and mutual exercises.

According to Tom Davis, Chief Executive Office of Aerial Vantage, “Having grown up there its a privilege to be able to fly and collaborate with Ohio knowing their legacy as the ‘Birthplace of Aviation.’ Ohio is a preeminent leader in uncrewed aviation, and we are thrilled they have agreed to work with us.  We hope to be able to conduct test flight tests beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), a critical piece for scalable operations, and to be able to test BVLOS-enabling technologies for detect and avoid and loss of GPS among others.”

Fred Judson, Director of the Ohio UAS Center added, “This is an exciting collaboration to further sUAS integration and potential BVLOS operations. Through joint training and operations with industry we will be able to fully unlock the potentials of UAS operations for ODOT”

Aerial Vantage is enthusiastic about the opportunity to fly in Ohio and to train in conjunction with ODOT on our new Censys Sentaero aircraft at their sites in Springfield and possibly along their ‘33 Smart Mobility Corridor.’

Additional details about the agreement have not been released.

About Aerial Vantage: Aerial Vantage, (aerialvantage.us)  a drone software and analytics company headquartered in Washington, D.C., has a multi-faceted vision to lead the industry towards safe, efficient, and economically viable VLOS and BVLOS operations. Business capabilities include Accelerate: a UAS Operations and Data Management SaaS Platform, Advanced Data Analytics, and Drone Operations as a Service.

About the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Ohio UAS Center: Part of the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Ohio Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Center is Ohio’s comprehensive center for advanced air mobility initiatives. The UAS Center manages and performs all unmanned aircraft operations for ODOT and serves as a shared resource to local and state agencies for flight operations and UAS program development. Outside of flight operations, the UAS Center manages innovative initiatives and research projects focused on enabling lower altitude airspace and the integration of unmanned and autonomous aircraft technologies into the National Airspace System.

For more information: Mark Thomas, Vice President Sales, mthomas@aerialvantage.us or 703.340.6025

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