Aerial Vantage Signs Agreement with NCDOT

Washington, DC: Aerial Vantage is pleased to announce an agreement for partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to be part of the state’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems  program. With the signing, Aerial Vantage becomes an official partner of the BEYOND program.

North Carolina is a state rich in natural resources that include vast forests and a coastline that is a national treasure along with its long legacy in aviation and agriculture. The State presents plenty of opportunities for Aerial Vantage to fly its core remote sensing missions while testing various facets of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights. It’s a perfect fit with use cases to innovate toward BVLOS flight. 

According to Tom Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Aerial Vantage, “The NCDOT has a rich legacy in aviation and has been a pathfinder in unmanned aviation for some time now.  It is a privilege to be able to work with professionals who are aggressively pursuing that ‘next in flight’ and to find innovative ways to achieve BVLOS while gaining in-depth insights to a range of natural resources within the state.”

In 2017, NCDOT was one of 10 State, local, and tribal government Lead Participants selected into the Integration Pilot Program (IPP), and one of the eight that continued into its successor the BEYOND initiative, with the goal of enabling repeatable and scalable BVLOS operations. NCDOT has been an integral partner in both programs, with NCDOT and its team members advancing  commercial and medical package delivery and infrastructure inspection operations, including receiving the first part 135 air carrier certificate for a drone operator. NCDOT and its team members have also flown more than 15,000 flights under IPP and BEYOND, the most of any of the lead participant teams.

Aerial Vantage is enthusiastic about the opportunity to be on the NCDOT team. There are many opportunities to bring mutual benefit through flights, research, training and path-breaking safety use cases.

Additional details about the agreement have not been released.

About Aerial Vantage: Aerial Vantage, (aerialvantage.us)  a drone software and analytics company headquartered in Washington, D.C., has a multi-faceted vision to lead the industry towards safe, efficient, and economically viable VLOS and BVLOS operations. Business capabilities include Accelerate: a UAS Operations and Data Management SaaS Platform, Advanced Data Analytics, and Drone Operations as a Service.

About the North Carolina DOT UAS BEYOND Program: The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Unmanned Aerial Systems program is one of eight programs in the country selected for the Federal Aviation Administration’s BEYOND initiative to pave the way for routine commercial and government drone use in the National Airspace System. North Carolina partners have achieved more national firsts and flown more missions by far than all other teams combined since the FAA launched its integration initiative in 2017. (per their agreement with the FAA, this language has to be used in press releases…)

For more information: Mark Thomas, Vice President Sales, mthomas@aerialvantage.us or 703.340.6025

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